At Omega, we strongly believe that that the service proposition creates an impact on our client’s mindset and forms a key factor in understanding the role of our very existence as an intermediary. The step-up approach towards analyzing & managing the portfolio of an account is strategized and designed in a phased manner as detailed hereunder.


  • Carryout an expert evaluation and assessment of your needs balancing HR's desire for extensive cover with concerns over premium spend
  • To optimize the benefits program in line with established benchmarks
  • Cost optimization through vendor relationship and volumes handled
  • Optimizing administrative time and workload
  • Optimizing communication Plan Implementation & Support
  • Endorsement tracking & Monthly Data Reconciliation
  • Claims Advisory, Control and Management
  • Monthly report card followed by monthly review-benchmarking performance against SLA

Risk Assessment

  • Assist with identification of exposures
  • Advise on risk retention

Plan Design

  • Assist with the selection of appropriate limits of liability
  • Coverage design - assist with the selection of appropriate coverage’s
  • Peer benchmarking – share info on the price, coverage of similar companies

Risk Presentation

  • Information gathering for risk presentation to the underwriters
  • Presentation of risk to market
  • Negotiate with insurers for optimum coverage / deductibles and price

Risk Placement & Administration

  • Assist in structuring the policy for price advantage - Layered Vs. Proportional
  • Assist in carrier evaluation
  • Plan administration support

Claims Management

  • Complete hand holding in case of a claim
  • Assistance in claims documentation through standardization
  • Vigorous follow up for claims recovery


Assessment/Consulting Aspects

Perspectives – Everyone has their own.

Risks are viewed by different people with different opinions. It is very common that certain risks are viewed on a “One Dimensional” basis in most organization and some business owners even tend to have a biased view on the risks faced by their organization.

Omega can offer Risk Consulting Services that would offer a new perspective and an unbiased view on the risk. With our insights & in-depth knowledge of current market trends we definitely make a difference in the way your view & manage your risks.

We can also assist in risk assessment, which provides a more meaningful definition of risks to the management & organization.

Risk Survey/Risk Audits

Risk is best treated when it is well monitored. However, risk monitoring can be a tedious process. Most organizations would prefer to invest more time & people in their core operations rather thanmonitoring their risks.

We Omega,can assist in Conducting Periodic Risk Reviews, Risk Audits and Surveys as and when required in order to gauge changes & trends in risks, from time to time.

We can also assist in arranging mandatory / compulsory risk surveys that are part of a contractual requirement.

Many organizations take an indifferent view of insuring themselves “Adequately”. Under insurance & inadequate sum insured are common factors plaguing most businesses, who are unaware of the consequences of these effect on an insurance claim.

We Omega, can provide technical support in asset valuation and in standardizing these asset values in order to ensure that your assets are protected to the best possible extent.


We have always seen our role as more than just an “Insurance Salesman”. Our work is far from done once a policy is “Sold”.

We consider ourselves part of our client’s organization and more often than not view ourselves as “Employees” of our clients, but without a table and chair in their offices.

Our Pro-active approach in policy administration ranges from getting all paperwork done, assisting in timely issuance of policy documents & endorsements etc., which relieves most of our clients from the hassles of dealing with insurers with varying procedures, processes.

In today’s economy, time is probably the most valuable commodity and with our presence we ensure that we free up most of your valuable time from the day to day administration of your insurance portfolio.


Claims management has been our forte. We see it as our responsibility as the clients representative to get the claims processed in an appropriate and timely manner. We provide the right kind of technical support required in interpreting a claim and handling the nitty-ritty of presenting the claim to the insurer and following up claim settlement.

Insurers & clients pan India have great respect for our ability to interpret, asses & handle claims and we are certain that you would share their opinions on engagement of our services.

Vendor Management

In a seemingly ever Expanding Industry there are a Number of New Entrants to the Insurance & its Ancillary Industries. Also Most Organizations have limited knowledge or Contact with other Insurance Companies or Third Party Administrator.

Omega can assist you in helping you Select or Manage the Right Partners or Vendors such as Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Loss Adjustors, Risk Surveyors etc. and we would be able to provide you with the Performance Indicators of these Firms and their Suitability to be engaged to Service your Requirements.

Moreover, with our Contacts in the Industry, we would make Day to Day Interactions & Operations with these “Vendors” a much simpler task.

Bench Markings, Standards and Gap Analysis

In Today’s competitive world, it is extremely common for most organizations keeping a close track of their competitors each & every more and trying to match them “Stride for Stride”.

Businesses would always like to keep track of their position in the industry and how they fare in comparison to the rest.

We assist our clients in “Benchmarking Studies” in employee benefit, to help them understand better on the position they offer in the market, if they are being viewed as “Industry Best”.

Businesses would like to know “Where they Stand” in the market and “Where they want to be”. With our expertise we can perform a GAP analysis based on industry standards to determine where you are, where you would like to be and “How” to bridge the “GAP”.

Omega also offers great insights on “Industry Standards” in Risk Management & Risk Mitigation Practices and on how similar risks are insured in the market. Our global exposure is passed on to our clients, who then view risk management standards with a whole new perspective.

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